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Star Trek Concert Series
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AiR ZS: Meet the Artist
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[Credits: Belma Bešlić-Gál VaClaF XII: Hessamedin Fana | Goran Stevanović: Artist | Bobovac: Bernhard Gál]

As we finalize our annual program, we are pleased to give you a sneak preview of upcoming events. Expect a wide range of activities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe!

AiR Zvjezdane staze & VaClaF: Vareš Classic Festival: TIMELINE

  • April 2024: Open Call AiR Zvjezdane staze
  • May 17: Vienna Concert CRO-ArT X VaClaF
  • June 20: Programme announcement | Fundraising campaign for the purchase of a concert grand piano for Vareš
  • July 3 – September 30: VaClaF 2024 | Festival – Academy – Residencies – On Tour
  • October 15: Vienna Closing Concert Echoes from Vareš 2024 [Bank Austria Salon, Altes Rathaus, Vienna]

In its inaugural year, from July 3 – September 30, AiR Zvjezdane staze will introduce various presentational formats at its premises in Mijakovići!

AiR ZS: Meet the Artist: Talks and presentations showcasing invited artists, as well as our artists in residence and their creative work.

Star Trek Concert Series: Instrumental and electro-acoustic live performances, intermedia artworks, lecture performances, curated and presented by invited guests.

URZS_INKUBATOR: a creative hub of innovation and artistic exploration. This year, our focus lies on two distinct disciplines: the Accordion, conceptualized and mentored by a “true magician […] of his instrument”, Goran Stevanović, and Sound Art, featuring concert, workshops and artist talks in conjunction with the pioneering Artistic Research Project Audio Ghosts, led by Bernhard Gál and Veronika Mayer.

Further details regarding the Open Call 2024 can be found here

Stay tuned for more detailed information to be announced shortly!