Artist in Residence Programme Zvjezdane staze [Mijakovići, BiH]

About AiR ZS

Based on an ethos rooted in inclusivity and collaboration, our initiative strives to champion the dissemination of culture, the engagement of the local community, and the cultivation of cross-sector partnerships. In essence, it is about establishing an Incubator of Ideas that could potentially have a far-reaching impact not only on the cultural and artistic development of the local community, but on the region as a whole. […]

Zvjezdane staze@09 © Belma Bešlić-Gál

VaClaF Festival

VaClaF: The Vareš Classic Festival aims to present high quality music performances and art to audiences in Vares and internationally. We are proud of our socially engaging activities that address issues of gender and educational equality, making art accessible and relevant for present day communities. […]

Cro-Art X VaClaF in Vienna_May 17th 2024 © Hessamedin Fana | حسام‌الدین فنا


As we finalize our annual program, we are pleased to give you a sneak preview of upcoming events. Expect a wide range of activities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe. In its inaugural year, AiR Zvjezdane staze will introduce various presentational formats. […]

AiR Zvjezdane staze_Logomark © Belma Bešlić-Gál

Meet Our Core Team

Our artistic core team’s diverse expertise and creative synergy lay the foundation for a vibrant artistic community, encouraging collaboration and innovation across various disciplines. […]

AiR ZS_Team © Belma Bešlić-Gál